My vocation began at Ohio University, where I practiced black and white photography and experimented in the darkroom. I now focus on color.  I use primarily Nikon equipment, and a light hand in post-processing. I do not subscribe to the philosophy of overworking an image: I like to let the world present itself to my camera as I find it, not overly manipulate it. As such, even though I engage in experimentation with respect to composition and perspective in the field, I do not significantly alter the original image at my computer. In this way I consider myself a descendant of the High Modernist movement of mid-20th century photography, documenting the world in its hard realism, highlighting deep contrast, emotion, surprise, and critical thinking inherent in an image that speaks for itself. I am deeply influenced by Van Gogh and Cézanne.

         My subject matter varies: I am drawn to the study of nature, and often seek out patterns, lines, structure, texture, hue, and contrast in abstraction. The beauty, grandeur, and complexity of life on this planet enthrall me. From the grand vistas of the Rocky Mountains to the rocky coastline of Maine, I have been captivated by the majesty of nature. I am as riveted by a small detail as I am by a sweeping landscape.

          My love for photography extends also to humanity and what it has created. I have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. On these journeys I aim to capture the essence of a place, which can occur in the smile of a novice monk on the Tibetan Plateau, in the charm of the streets of Paris, or in the unique windows of a 400-year old “skyscraper” in Sana’a, Yemen. It’s the magic of “writing with light” that I continue to explore.

Jeneen Hobby

Fine Art Festival 2021 schedule, tentative

June 25-27 The Crosby Festival of the Arts, Toledo Botanical Garden

July 9-11 Cain Park Arts Festival, Cleveland Heights

July 17 Willoughby ArtsFest, Willoughby

July 18 Medina County Art in the Park, Medina

July 24-25 Akron Arts Expo, Hardesty Park, Akron

August 7 Lakewood Arts Festival, Lakewood

August 8 Chardon Square Arts Festival, Chardon

September 10-12  Black Swamp Arts Festival, Bowling Green

September 18-19 Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival, Cleveland

October 7-10 Ohio Mart, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Akron

December 3-5 Winterfair, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus