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"Buoyant"-- Wave, the Atlantic, Tenants Harbor, Maine"Everpresent"--Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, MainePanned view of a grove of white birch trees, Acadia National Park, MaineBass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia National Park, MaineCairn, Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, MaineCove in Fog, Clark Island, MaineSunrise #1, Clark Island, MaineSunrise #2, Clark IslandThe Craignair Inn, Clark IslandBuoy tree, Clark IslandThe Atlantic, close-up #1The Atlantic, close-up #2The Atlantic, close-up #3Spruce Head HarborLobster traps, Spruce HeadBuoys in Spruce HeadSpruce Head sunsetBoulder Beach #1, Acadia National ParkBoulder Beach #2, Acadia National ParkNear Monument Cove, Acadia National Park